About Me


I’m Emma and I love craft, crochet and cake. Although I have been knitting and crocheting for a while, I am excited to learn new things and hope that through this blog I can share the things I discover.

The name lovehedgehog came from an experience late one night on my drive. For whatever reason, my Dad and I were both out late and arrived back at the same time. I stopped to let him onto the drive first and when he got out the car, he instructed me to stop again. I got out of the car and in the lights from the garage, we could see a little hedgehog on the gravel. He was directly in the path of my car and we needed to move him but he was only a baby and was quite happy where he was! After a lot of coaxing, we encouraged him to move over to the edge of the garage and Dad stood with him while I moved my car onto the drive. He was so sweet and unafraid of us and has always remained in my memory. He might have had prickles on the outside but he was really just a friendly little creature, simply investigating the world just as we were. He seemed to be the perfect symbol.


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