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How aware are you of your environment?

As few days ago, I noticed that two lampposts outside of our flat were only half there, and had been covered in yellow tape.

This is not particularly interesting, I realise. However, it got me thinking. Were these lampposts being removed, or were they new ones being installed?

The key thing to note about that question is that I couldn’t work out whether or not there had been a lamppost there before.

This is right outside my flat. I drive or walk between these two lampposts every single day. How could have been so unobservant that I had never noticed whether or not they were there?

I think this is reflective of the fact that our attention is so often drawn to other things nowadays: the radio, music, our phones. I moan so much to my other half about the fact that he is always on his phone, but clearly I am just as distracted as he is.

The small lesson I’ve learnt in my pondering about bloody lampposts over the past week or so, has drawn my attention to the fact that we need to lean in more, and pay more attention to the things and people around us.


Do you spend too much time distracted? Would you like to lean in more?


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