Changing the clocks


I have been simply shattered this week. I couldn’t work it out. I planned to write on Sunday and I just couldn’t bring myself to get started. Sure, I was out on Friday night which almost never happens, and I had to set an alarm on Saturday morning to get back to Essex for a manicure and haircut (bully for me, right?). Even so, when Monday rolled around I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed.

5:30am is an early time to get up on any account. I realise that. I always hate the alarm. Even so, I like to get up early. I like to get my day started and get things done. I always find that I am more productive between 7 and 10am than I am at any other period during the day.

Although I like those hours early in the morning, I hate hate hate getting out of bed. I hate the alarm. I hate getting in the shower. I hate getting dressed. I hate making my breakfast and packing my lunch. I hate doing my make-up. I hate it all.

What I love is eating breakfast and watching boxsets and I spend time doing it every day. I invest time my own wellbeing every morning, even though I could get at least 15 minutes extra in bed if I rushed through my routine, and even more if I ate my breakfast when I got to work.

My fiancé doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand why I watch a boxset on Netflix in the morning. Or why I eat the same thing every day (more on that later). He would rather have the extra 20 minutes in bed. Are you the same?

Either way, that’s the way I spend my mornings. And that doesn’t change when the clocks go forward, though I guess I wish it did.

Getting out of bed is so much worse when 5:30 actually meant 4:30. It didn’t help that I stayed up later than normal too because my routine was messed up and my body clock was out of sync and couldn’t work it out.

However, I must say I am grateful for the extra light. I got home at 7:15 this evening having been out the house for over 12 hours. Changing the clocks doesn’t give you any more hours of daylight, but it does make the evenings lighter and it always seems less depressing to get home before dark.

How has changing the clocks affected you?


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